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I AM || El Shaddai


Literally translated, El Shaddai means “God Almighty.” It’s a name that points to His ability to overcome and overpower any situation that threatens to thwart His purposes from playing out as He has planned. What a comfort it is to know that the God we worship has all and ultimate power to save us. Knowing that it is absolutely impossible for anything to keep Him from accomplishing His purposes brings security to a whole new level.


The website takes a look at the etymology of the name El Shaddai and their findings are absolutely beautiful! “El” which is short for “Elohim” means, “The God who creates”;  “Shadad” means, “absolute power”; and “-dai” means, “to heap benefits.” What they have found is that the fullness of the term refers to a God who “mightily nourishes, satisfies, protects, and supplies His people and abundantly blesses with all manner of blessings. A direct quote from their website is, “…to experience God’s sufficiency, we must realize our own insufficiency.”


This last year has been an incredibly difficult year for me. From job losses, to the passing of my dog, to the attempted (not successful) suicide of someone very close to me, I’ve had no choice than to humble myself at the feet of my loving Heavenly Father and stay surrendered through it all. Dave Ramsey spoke at our church recently and something he said really resonated with me. “I found out about God on the way up, but I got to know Him on the way down.” How true it is that we never truly get to know that God is enough until He’s all we have. As God’s perfect timing would have it, Lysa Terkeurst released her latest Bible study during my year of struggle and it radically changed my perspective of who God is in the midst of the storm. The “Finding I Am” study helps to unravel all the “I Am” statements that Jesus made and relate them to the names of God, helping the reader to see how God is the answer to every longing of our hearts. It wasn’t until I learned the attributes of our God that I truly knew that He was trustworthy and concerned with my well-being.


If you’re struggling to trust God or believe that He is for you, join us every Monday for this “I AM” series. We are so excited to really take this holiday season to get to know the One who came into the world and learn to trust His heart.