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Jehovah Nissi – “The Lord is my Banner”

I could see it on the horizon. I could feel it in my bones. The fight was almost over, I could wave the banner high.

Rest is something I don’t do often. I get caught up in the list of things that need to be done and exhaust myself attempting to check them off. I have always been a list maker – I have a list at work, a list at the house, a grocery list, a budget list, a bucket list. Sometimes I make a list after I do the thing just so I can check it off (can I get an Amen!). I love lists. It allows me to see where I have been and where I am going.

I attempt make lists to help keep myself organized so I can find rest at the end of my day. Yet in the midst of making lists and checking them off, the thing I’m seeking after I rarely ever get. I then end up finding myself more tired than when I started.

In Exodus 17 we find Moses tired. He had been fighting, running and going full speed. The Lords army that he was leading was once again in a battle for their lives. Moses had retreated to the mountain top to oversee the fight against the Amalekites with his two right hand men – Aaron and Hur. As the battle raged, with both sides trying to gain the upper hand, the cracks began to show with the Israelite army. Moses, knowing that the Lord had already declared this a victory, raised his arms in the air as his battle cry. With that ironic sign of surrender, the Israelites started winning.

As soon as Moses realized surrender was his weapon to victory, he kept his arms raised above his head. Yet he grew weary. As his arms grew heavy, he could no longer hold them above his head and the Israelites started losing. Aaron and Hur, noticing their friend becoming weak, became Moses’ strength and held his arms above his head for him.

Once the battle was won and the victory declared, that moment needed to be remembered. Moses knew the power that came from beyond him in his victory.

Jehovah Nissi. The Lord is my banner.

When I am weary, when I’m done and I can’t possibly hold my arms up anymore, when it feels as if I might lose the battle- I have to remember who is my Jehovah Nissi. He is my banner of victory. Yet, just like Moses, I have to claim that Victory with an act of surrender. But listen here, it’s not just in parts of my life. It’s not just in moments when I hit my end and have nowhere else to turn. Nope – I am to declare the truth of God’s word and wave the banner as a surrender over all my moments.

With that all too familiar weary spirit, I have learned that I can’t do it alone. One of the hardest things to do as an adult is make new friends. The older I get the more I am settled in who I am and to be honest, I don’t necessarily want to fill someone new in on everything. (Lots of history there am I right?!) Yet I have to push beyond that and into friendships worthwhile. We cannot do this alone.

I pray for your Aaron and Hur. I pray for those women to come along side you so when you are weary and can’t seem to hold your arms up anymore – they hold them up for you. That you can wave your banner of our Lord over your life.

Exodus 17:15 is the only time in the entire bible that The Lord is referred to as Jehovah Nissi. The only time! What power we have in declaring the Banner of Him over our lives.


Only found in Exodus 17:15.

What do you do with a banner? You wave it. You declare it. You allow it to get others attention.

2 things I want to point out:

1.     It was declared in the midst of a battle, over victory

a.     What are you fighting? The Lord has Victory over you.

2.     Moses was not alone

a.     Surround yourself with believers who will lift up your arms when you grow weary. Who will encourage you and stand beside you.