His Goodness. 


When I reflect back on my life, I can clearly see the outpouring of God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life. However, to be honest, sometimes I question it. When circumstances do not turn out the way I think they should, I am tempted to doubt. Yet each time He comes through and I think to myself, “how could I ever doubt Him?“ GOD comes through. He is steady even when your circumstance are not. He is there in all moments in the quiet to whisper His loving sweetness over you.


People often doubt His goodness when tragedy strikes. He is there in those moments wanting to be your steadfast. He is good. He is a healer, a redeemer, a hope giver, a bridge builder and a dot connector. 


I believe we can truly experience His goodness when we begin to learn the character of who He is. When we actively love others, for example we can see the change that it brings. Then we see the proof that His Spirit changes things. He changes people. He changed me. Before I knew Jesus, I was in a sea of hopelessness, fear, sadness, low self-worth and in a constant state of anxiety. I was desperate to love and to have someone love me unconditionally. Then I met Him and I began to experience hope, peace, joy and I began to value myself differently. 


Before I ever knew Him, He knew me. He saw me, and He was right there with me during all the heartache and pain. He was orchestrating all the things I am experiencing now. I remember the verse that I kept seeing when I first began my journey with Jesus, Matthew 6:33,  “seek Him first and He will grant you the desires of your heart.” God knew my desire for family, for freedom, for true love, for stability, for peace. He knew, and He still knows. HE knows where I am weak. He knows what’s coming and He is there. He will uphold us in ALL seasons. We simply need to trust and seek Him, with ALL our heart. 


I've learned that this isn't just a one time thing—seeking Jesus with my whole heart is a constant necessity. Each morning I have to seek Him, in moments where I am tempted to believe the lies whispered to me by the enemy, I have to pause and seek Him all over again. That is what sustains us. That is where we experience His goodness: when we surrender. 


I can’t help but to challenge the reader here. What are you not surrendering? Is it a relationship? Fear? Anger? Resentment? Betrayal? Insecurity? An addiction? Surrender friend. Seek Him with your whole heart and experience His great goodness. Our hearts will change. It has been proven time and time again. The beauty in all of this is this….when we seek Him, not only do we experience His goodness, but He in turn makes us good. 


We can’t believe the lie that He isn't who He says He is. We must remember His faithfulness and hold onto His truth. He is truly good. If we pause and look around we do not have to look very far. I see His goodness in the people He places in front of me, the opportunities He gives me to touch people. In that they to can see Him which is where we really see His goodness when it becomes less and less about ourselves and more and more about others. 


Jesus, help us to fully trust your goodness as our source for goodness.