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Isaiah 61:5 “Strangers shall stand and tend your flocks;
foreigners shall be your plowmen and vinedressers”


Right off the bat, I’ll be honest with you guys – this verse intimidated me a little bit. Sitting in front of the scripture and furiously trying to find commentary on the background and context of this verse. In a time of racial tension and varying political stances against different cultures, how does this verse captivate souls for Jesus? What did it mean for The 61 Exchange and our world as a whole?


Step back. Look at the big picture of Isaiah 61. In the first several verses it all talks about restoration and the beauty that will come from new beginnings, for you and His people. This verse steps outside of that, outside of ourselves and to forces us to look at the big picture of community and how Christ sees His bride the Church. Not working as slaves, but as people unifying together to help lighten the load and refresh those that work diligently.


Full of people, created in His image who have different backgrounds and features, but who have ONE purpose to glorify and make HIS name known. Together.


In one of the commentaries I read (Pulpit) it talks about the Jews and Gentiles coming together to form one community. It doesn’t make sense in that culture, they don’t see eye to eye, they look different, but the Lord invites each and every single one of them into His unified family despite of it. He is in love with His creation. Every intricate detail of every single one of us, and He longs for us to come together and unify. He longs for us to help “tend the fields” of our neighbor to work together, to lighten the load, to truly know what unity looks like.


So think about The 61 Exchange. Women from all over the WORLD with differentlooks, backgrounds, and stories to share, but coming TOGETHER as one community of faith. For HIS glory to be made known through reaching out to women who are hurting and broken or feel worthless or invaluable and showing them that they DO have purpose and the Kingdom is better because of their life and story. What an amazing opportunity to join forces and link arms for the purposes He has for us.