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I Play a Doctor on TV

I have friends that will call me for medical advice; they will text me at odd hours to see if I can diagnose their ailments unseen or declare emergency vs. non-emergency scenarios. I am a good friend. I am also not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am not an LPN, RN, BSN, PA or an MD. But I play one on TV.

JK, also not an actor, but I do love all things medical and am a strategic thinker with a healthy dose of common sense. I am also freakishly calm in an emergency situation: the greater the level of panic, the greater my level of calm. Therefore I am a decently wise friend to call. But I am not technically [or legally for that matter] qualified. Emily Campbell, TV Doctor at your service.

I may say all the right words and look the part [guys I can wear the heck out of some scrubs], but it is in fact a total charade.

“And you will be called priests of the Lord, you will be named ministers of our God. You will feed on the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast.”

Isaiah 61:6

If I called you a “minister of our God” right now would you feel like a TV minister? Would you feel like you could play one on TV but in fact have no qualifications to hold such a title?

What about “priests of the Lord”? Well I just pictured a wiry old man in all black with a weird little white collar and a cross around his neck thank you very much; I am no priest.

Real talk: I don’t feel qualified to write this. I don’t fully believe all that the verse above is telling me. It is hard for me to comprehend it and receive it.  So I pick and choose what I can handle from it and let the other words just fall away.

Now who would trust a single word that follows from me after reading that? Don’t you want me to believe that I can do this? Don’t you want me to be confident that I have the words that He wants you to hear? I want faith that is secure. I want to learn from people that believe what they are talking about. I want a faith that is undaunted by storms and not shaken by a drizzle. Does that mean that they believe it 24/7/365, 100% of the time? Um hi they’re alive on this planet so that’s a no, BUT the foundation is there and it’s founded on grace. 

Stop being insecure in your faith. Stop trying to be relatable by saying that faith is a struggle. Stop thinking that your feelings are more important than how He feels about you. Stop processing every.single.thing. Stop choosing to believe easy lies and ignoring what is beautiful TRUTH. This boils down to pure choice…do you believe who He says you are? Yes or no? 

My belief in the Lord does nothing to alter His existence,                                                   but it does everything to alter mine.

My heart physically aches when I see/hear/know of someone actively fighting to not believe something that they actually want to believe.  If you are a person of faith then be one! The world is desperate for genuine faith. It doesn’t have time to waste on the “if then/maybe one days”.

The crux of faith lies not in what is being believed, but that believing is occurring. I can know all there is to know about God but if I don’t believe then it is all for naught. When you cross the line of faith that is when the knowledge is transformed by His love for you. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever…I am not. And yet “minister of our God” is one of my names.

I believe this. I know it to be true. I choose yes.  I am qualified because He says I am.

I now know this name for myself because Isaiah had faith that the Lord was speaking through him. The Holy Spirit calls up faith again by circling back on this prophecy in the New Testament, 1 Peter 2:9,

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”

He called you out! Praise Him! I’m in the light! Any moment that I don’t choose to believe is a moment I choose to walk back into the darkness.

Lord, please hold me fast to the light, especially when the darkness seems tempting. You give me the strength to believe, the strength to rest in the fact that you are with me always. Thank you that when I choose to believe, your peace that passes all understanding covers me.

I used strong, bold words today. I might’ve ruffled a few feathers. Forgive me, but Jesus did not give me a spirit of timidity. He has named me a minister of our God, a chosen member of a royal priesthood. And I want my people not only to remember but also believe that they have been given this same boldness, this same name and they can stand firm on His grace.

You are the real deal, not a TV doctor. Now go save lives.