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“For I, the Lord , love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing. In my faithfulness I will reward my people and make an everlasting covenant with them.”

Isaiah 61:8


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Justice is;




1.  Just behaviour or treatment.

‘a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people’


1.1  The quality of being fair and reasonable.


1.2  The administration of the law or authority in maintaining this. ‘a tragic miscarriage of justice’


God loves justice. If justice is about being right - then of course God is going to be the very source of it. Goodness, fairness, the right treatment of the people He created has always been central to who He is and what He’s all about.


People matter to God and because of that, people should matter to us too. Because God loves justice there is a call on our lives to also care about such matters. I think that deep down in all of us, there is an innate sense of seeking justice when we come across matters of injustice. Even in our own lives - we desire fairness. In its simplest form, with a childlike simplicity, we want good to be rewarded and bad to be recognized and suffer the appropriate consequences. The deal gets more complicated however when we realize that we are actually far from perfect and our own poor actions must come under this justice banner also.


The cross was the perfect place where mercy and justice met, and praise God for that.


I am forever thankful that the just behaviour, the just treatment that I deserved, was placed on the shoulders of Jesus. Justice cost God everything. Sometimes I need to pause and reflect on the weight of this payment in full. It must never be taken for granted.


However, in terms of our world, we don’t have to look too far to come across some of the injustices occurring right on our doorstop. The call of the church - to imitate our Father - to love justice and hate wrongdoing.


So, what does that look like?


Honestly, it looks like raising our unashamed voices and calling what’s good, good, and what’s evil, evil.


We are living in a world now where right and wrong is based on personal preference and opinion. Acceptance and tolerance is a language often used and yet, somewhere in the middle of it all there is a truth, there is a right way, there is a standard - and it screams for justice.

We are so afraid of offending anyone and being labeled judgmental that we become quiet. The consequence: justice, truth and fairness gets lost in a sea of ever changing human opinion.


I am massively challenged by Amos 5:



Hate evil and love good,

then work it out in the public square.

Amos 5:15 (MSG)


When it comes to justice - we are to be anything but quiet.


The English Standard Version of this verse says we are to “establish justice at the gate”.


I think this is the call on our lives; to be people who establish justice in our cities and are not afraid of calling wrong, wrong. Yes, there are times that it is super awkward and people are going to disagree with our take on what’s right, but there is much at stake.


At the center of all these matters of injustice is something of great value to our Father: people. Let’s never lose our Father’s heart and be lovers of the fair treatment of His created ones.