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Isaiah 61:11 “For as the soil makes the sprout come up

   and a garden causes seeds to grow,

so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness

   and praise spring up before all nations.”


Everyone has heard the quote “Thrive where you’re planted”, well today it got me thinking: things aren’t normally planted alone. Surely, there are some flowers that are put in one pot by themselves, but in nature everything is blooming around something else. Even trees are rooted next to grass, and even grass has roots that solidify its foundation. So when I think of soil and sprouting in relation to Isaiah 61:11 the first thing that comes to mind is the garden of community that God is creating. God plants us among other believers that are not only solidifying their roots underneath, but are being watered together so that they are growing upwards in a beautiful garden of His creation.


He uses both words: sprout and seeds, to describe the growth of His glory and name across the Earth in general through His people. The community. The garden that is the Church. We don’t enter into relationship with Jesus and automatically start at full maturation, no for things to sprout it takes time. Let’s zero in on the word sprout, as the verb it means “to put forth shoots”. If you noticed, the word ‘shoots’ is plural meaning we don’t just grow one stalk straight up, our growth as maturing believers is multi-faceted. He leads us in different directions in different seasons and in different relationships. The ways He wants to use us is beyond our comprehension, and the way He uses us to grow the Church for His praise and glory is stunning.


And as the Church He not only has more than we could imagine in store, but He proclaims that His praise and righteousness WILL spring up! There is no question, it’s promised to us! And the more that His glory and righteousness fill this World the better that it will be. He will be faithful to do it, and we get to rest in the fact that 1. He is doing a work in us to help strengthen our roots and shoot us up in new life in so many different ways, and 2. That He has promised that His righteousness and glory will burst forth and what a beautiful promise that is to all that believe and trust in Him.