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Awesome!We stepped into a space south of Atlanta at 5pm on Friday; instead of seeing the work that needed to be done to transform it, we chose to see the potential. With us we brought all of the elements to make it feel like an invitation, a warm greeting through the doors, a breath of fresh air for all those who were weary. So, our team spent a few hours that night pulling together the environment so that women could truly find a safe space when they walked through those doors the next morning. And then we prayed, urging the Spirit to rain down on this place.


Saturday morning came quickly and the hustle of the team and Door Holders rallying to put the final touches on the space brought everything to life. And again, we prayed, knowing that where two or more are gathered the Spirit is there. At 830am we opened the doors in confidence that the Lord was going to be glorified and women set free over the next several hours.


Food is a natural starting point, and from the parfait bar to the Krispy Kreme donut holes, faces brightened at the beautifully arraigned breakfast greeting every woman. Women made their way into the auditorium, where circular tables with simple yet elegant displays greeted the ladies who encircled them, the beautiful sounds of worship started to fill the air. The Word was spoken boldly, and songs and scripture came to life in those beginning moments.


The hardest stories come first, the ones hard to hear, the ones that aren’t easy to speak, but the foundational starting point that is needed. Ashes, the brokenness, the pain, the dark depths of mind, body, and soul, but the beauty in the vulnerability of speaking them. Encouraging someone that they aren’t alone, someone has been there, and the Lord is walking right beside them, is the best place to start.


Although these stories can feel somber, there is also so much hope in their midst, and table time helped shine a light on the hope among the depths. Then enters the process of healing. Tears flowed, people started to open up, different thoughts and reactions swirling at every table. Every single lady speaking with vulnerability, but confidence in the power of God. 


Worship break, and timely! Arms reached out in surrender as chains began to break and light was spoken to the darkness.


As we headed towards lunch, Jake Jeffcoat, author of the book “Image” spoke on our worth and confidence in Christ and His purpose for our lives. He spoke with the authority that we are a wonderfully created masterpiece of our Heavenly Father that is loved and cherished by Him. Refreshing as we headed into lunch.


Ladies chatted as sandwiches, salads, and cookies were enjoyed by all, and our round table discussion started with some of the most faithful and wise women of God. They took turns answering questions about faith, life, and purpose.


The room picks up as we head into our final session of speakers. Beauty. The healing has sprung new life and it’s time to let it shine. Amy Boland closed us out with a bang as she always does, captivating the room with how stunning God is when we surrender the hurt and past to His plan and for His glory. Ladies across the room wrote down their ashes and brought them up to the wood planks that lined the stage in semblance of burning the old and making way for new life. People were prayed over, conversations that had never been had were spoken and the most beautiful combination of hugs and tears left the room forever changed.


The minutes go by slow, but the day goes by fast. The Lord has moved it’s been evident in the way women carry themselves out. We pray that chains continue to break, and beauty begins to be the banner so that even bigger revival happens for the Kingdom.


There is power in community and vulnerability and for everyone who was a part of this day whether physically there or in prayer – thank you! We cannot wait for all that God has in store.