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1- Write your story in 2 paragraphs. 1st paragraph should include what you believe are the ashes in your life. What was the struggle? The 2nd paragraph should be how Jesus has given you beauty for those ashes and encouragement to women. Please keep in mind that these stories are posted on social media and can be shared. Please be respectful of the people mentioned in your story and do not name individuals. Our main focus is Jesus and what he has done in your life. * We have limited character space on Instagram. Please make sure that your story is able to fit into an Instagram post. * Please have your story proofread and fix any grammatical errors. We believe that the Lord does everything with excellence and we want to reflect excellence in the work that we post. 2- Type your story here & send a picture, preferrably not a selfie but high resolution, to the61exchange@gmail.com. 3- Once your story is published please help us spread the word by sharing on your Facebook and Instagram. 4- If you know anyone else wanting to share their story please send them this information. * All ladies 18 and under need parental permission to share. Please have them send us an email stating that it is okay for us to share your story.