Amanda Kavadellas

\\ MY WHY // Depleted by everything that makes this world thrive sent me running from the shame of sin and into the loving arms of a Perfect Savior who took the burden I created and died for it. I gave everything to God and in return gained a sisterhood in The 61 Exchange. A family of women who understand the battles I am up against, who support me, teach me, guide me, and inspire me. I’ve seen many moving and transforming stories of Beauty from Ashes through The 61 Exchange. Every person’s story has the ability to touch a life, ignite a fire for Jesus, and speak raw truth all for the Glory of God. I believe in and support The 61 Exchange because people need to hear the testimonies of others. We need to see God’s work to stay strong in our own faith when darkness creeps in. We need to shed light on the love and grace found in Jesus instead of relying on ourselves in a world of darkness and hate. I support The 61 Exchange because even sharing one story from death to life is a miracle. If you think so too, please consider donating as well by clicking the link in our profile.

Joy Mathis

\\ MY WHY // "The 61 Exchange provides a SAFE place for women to lay down the " luggage" of pain, shame, rejection, betrayal, self hate, shattered dreams, and EXCHANGE it for what God has for them. It is a platform for God's glory to shine through our stories. I have seen women physically and spiritually come into the conference looking depleted and hunched over but then heaven invades....through worship, His Word, and the power of testimonies lives are restored, renewed, resuscitated by the power of God's radical love. At The 61 Exchange is a birth center for deliverance!" - @joymathis

Jordan Woodson

\\ MY WHY // Vulnerability can be hard, but being alone, hiding from everything and everyone is harder. During my college years I hid behind pain, pain from being different, pain from assault, pain from the consequences of not being on sturdy footing with Jesus. But God, upon graduation, He opened my eyes to what digging through the pain and opening up to women who love Jesus looks like and the freedom and beauty it brings. That is what The 61 Exchange has meant to me; it's being surrounded by women who have fought in the trenches against the lies and deceit of the enemy, and come around other women in Jesus. It's using that freedom and beauty to encourage other women who are in the hard places, and it's finding ladies who have walked through a similar struggle who you can link arms with. Just last conference, I "randomly" sat next to a brief acquaintance, little did I know we had been through many of the same struggles, and now just this past Easter (yes, a few days ago) God intersected our paths in a sweet and perfect timing, as we got to pray together through some of the ways the enemy is still on the prowl, but we are stronger together. The 61 Exchange is about Jesus building an army of women that say not today Satan. We are who Jesus, and our Father in Heaven says we are. Beautiful, free, and loved!

\\ MY WHY // "In a world consumed by social media, we are continually bombarded with the weight of comparison. We are constantly scrolling and refreshing our feeds, comparing our lives to the perfectly curated feed and life of another. That constant desire to keep up is exhausting, empty and lonely. I am so encouraged and blown away by the restoration and freedom happening in the lives of women all over the country through the ministry of @the61exchange Through their social media, blog, meet-ups and conferences, women are hearing a message of authenticity, hope and healing in Jesus. THIS is what it's all about!" - @megeasterbrook

Meg Easterbrook

\\ MY WHY// Anger isn’t anger alone. It stems for either fear or pain and for me, it was both. I was a sophomore in college trying to follow Jesus but had absolutely no confidence in the story that was known as my life. Then this ministry called The 61 Exchange popped up. I watched woman after woman share their brokenness and how Jesus transformed them- how Jesus turned their ashes into beauty. It was then that I realized every single person has a story worth sharing. I have a story worth sharing! I realized that even the ugliest or simplest stories have the power to put Jesus on display and empower others. I support The 61 Exchange because in a dark world we need more honesty, more light. We need women of all ages, races, and backgrounds sharing their story. Because just think, if one person is empowered by how Jesus is changing you, isn’t that worth it?

Abigail Dixon

\\ My WHY // I was not raised in the church, or a traditional family home atmosphere, which left me with no connection to God. In college, my sisters in Christ opened the door to where the Lord would meet me in my darkest hour, and through every season since then he has continued to be my light in the dark. I watched Jesus transform 20 years of ashes into beauty.

Since Jesus met me, I have heard countless stories of God’s extraordinary love and miraculous grace. The 61 Exchange has given me a sisterhood of strong women who fiercely love Jesus and who encourage me and pray for me. A support that can only be fueled by the fire Jesus poured into our hearts.

Mackenzie Dell

\\MY WHY// One word quickly comes to mind...COMMUNITY. I’ve lived in big cities and small towns, authentic and rich community can be hard to find in both. I know I need sisters surrounding me in life. I need them to pray for me on the days it is too hard to pray for myself. I need them to point me back to The Truth when I am blind and have lost my way. I need them to remind me of who I am when I am quick to forget. It has blessed me with loving friends and sisters who are bold and loving enough not to encourage my sin but instead bless me with loving counsel, who meet me where I’m at, and who are quick to celebrate with me without pause. Walking through life with this tribe has been one of my greatest honor and joys. The 61 Exchange is a beautiful extension of the Kingdom of Heaven and the open arms of of The Father. Ladies, there is a place for everyone, just be courageous enough to step into the unknown. There is such a sweet treasure waiting in this sisterhood. Please consider donating to @the61Exchange so that we can continue to step out and reach out to other women as the hands and feet of Jesus

April Phelan

\\ My Why // 2 John 1:6 says, " And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love."

Obedience is a big part of my testimony. I have learned that by being obedient to what God is calling you to do, although it may be hard, you will see God's treasure in your decision. Obedience has allowed me to have a closer walk with God, become sensitive to his voice, and further his kingdom. I am thankful for the community I have in 61 Exchange. I love being able to walk in love and obedience to serve in this ministry he has put his hand on. I encourage each of you to follow in obedience and serve in God's kingdom. You can do that by financially giving towards a ministry that is doing so much in the Kingdom.

Ally Hollingsworth

\\ My Why // The 61 exchange is an amazing opportunity for women of all walks of life to come together and share their testimonies. I love that it's a consolidated space for women to come and have their hearts spoken to. I have enjoyed writing for 61 and getting to know the other gals too. It's a great community for the heavy hitters who like to go deep quick. It's a place to call home and a network to meet community that will truly pray for you and cheer you on. It's an important thing for women of all walks of life to have community and it sets a scene and tone for others to feel comfortable and vulnerable with their stories. Everyone is seen everyone is significant. That's the heartbeat of 61. The founder Amy has been a friend of mine for years and she has always had a passion for connecting others... after all she did introduce me to my husband. The 61 exchange is the NEXT and NEW thing. It's awesome to be on board. Let's do this. Women need this.

Tasha Faellaci

\\ My Why // Jesus says that “in this life you will have troubles but take heart, I have overcome the world” John 16:33 We all have things going on in our lives that are hard, painful, unpleasant, and our hearts get broken. Life is tough! My tough in life was grief – the loss of my husband and becoming a single mother. Through all the years, Jesus has walked hand in hand with me providing for me, encouraging me, loving me, and helping me raise a daughter to know Him. We all need to see someone stand up and say these are my troubles and this is how Jesus lead me through it so that others can say “I have been there” or “this is also my story” or “I thought that I was the only one in this place”. This is what I have seen the ministry of The 61 Exchange do; gather women by connections. It has truly been beautiful to see women rise up from the ashes and be able to talk about how Jesus gave them beauty, which in turn, has lifted other women to start that climb from the ashes themselves. This. This is why I partner with of The 61 Exchange; to share, lift, and encourage others by connecting them to Jesus, who can turn the deepest ashes into the most beautiful canvas.

Amy Sexton

\\MY WHY// When God changes someone’s story it’s worth celebrating! It’s an echo that goes far beyond the mere telling of a Jesus journey. It’s a declaration that the creator cares about every detail of our lives. In a world where social media screams chaos and drama, I wholeheartedly believe that sharing stories of hope that point to our Fathers fingerprint on our lives sparks something in others. That’s worth celebrating, sharing and supporting. This is why I support @the61exchange! Check the link in profile to join us! - @jillboydo81

Jill Boyd