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Hi my name is Gemma Gurney from the beautiful North Coast in Northern Ireland.  I’ve submitted my story and now I’m forwarding you a photo of myself. 
I’ll send you a copy of my story here just to make sure you get it. 

Much Love & blessings Gemma x

"Broken But Blessed" encapsulates my life. My Mother wanted to abort me, she rejected me from birth violently beating me yet her abusive words cut deeper than the beatings. My Father was also abusive and he used religion to tell me I was cursed and born evil. My Grandfather sexually abused me and silenced the voice God has given me. From the age of Ten years old until I was 16 I lived in 13 different foster homes and 1 children's care Home. I was abused in many of the foster homes and through all the years of confusion, fear ,abuse, learning difficulties, rebellion I was dead on the inside and said nothing, I had no voice. 

I believed In God all my life I knew religion but I did not know Him intimately or relationally. Now married to my childhood sweetheart our second daughter was born severely disabled with a rare syndrome and it made me angry at God and I stop going church. I then began to intentionally pursue Jesus and found Him in the most Gloriously kind loving redeeming way that I'm recked for anything other than to show & tell the world about the Goodness and love of God.  Psalm 18 (TPT) gives expression to how God redeemed my life. 
Today We have many testimonies to Gods goodness with our 4 children having diagnoses,surgeries,a tumour and almost dying BUT God. God has begun to bring healing to our daughter in a way the world is watching with celebration, anticipation and it's awakened hope and Faith in the hearts of people around the world. 
My life was very broken BUT my life is BLESSED beyond expression as my reward everyday is the intimacy I have with Jesus. It's the beautiful unconditional exchange that the cross of Jesus gives to ALL Beauty for ashes, Hope for hopelessness, Faith for doubt, Wholeness for brokenness and Freedom from sin,shame and condemnation. 
The invitation to you today beautiful girl is to simply come as you are and say “Yes” to Jesus, say Yes because You are worth freedom, healing, joy and the fullness of Life that Jesus died for you to have. 

Gemma Gurney
Northern Ireland