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I was as free as could be. Growing up I had no care in the world, never thinking twice about my body or the food I ate. However, blindsided by a series of events that turned my life upside down, chains began weighing me down from all angles faster that I could keep track of. Chains of my family splitting apart, for the second time. Chains of loneliness. Chains of broken friendships. Chains of feeling unwanted. Chains of deceit. Chains of suicide. Chains of low self esteem. All of these chains led to feeling out of control in every area of life - yet, I craved control more than anything else. Falling into the downward spiral of controlling my food - and into anorexia - I felt more out of control than ever. Hitting a low of 96lbs, I was made to sit out of running, my passion and outlet for sanity with all else going on. I pushed everyone who loved me away. I blamed everyone but myself. I allowed competitiveness to break friendships.  I began hating my body and every aspect of my life.


Fast forward two years, to a Florida cross country state championship title. Physically and mentally healed from my past. Relationships restored. And greatest of all, seeing God use my ashes to help others as I began sharing my story on an IG account and blog he led me to create, @freshfitnhealthy. 


Nowadays, you'll find me helping people worldwide transform their health to honor their bodies as a temple of God. See, I used to find peace and comfort through having control; but now I realize that the greatest gift I have been given is the freedom of knowing there is Someone better in control. I used to try to fit in with the world around me; but now I realize I’m called to stand out like an alien and do crazy things.  I used to believe “all things were possible” except for some things, putting limitations on the promise, but now I realize that when Jesus said “all”, He meant all. I used to be ashamed of my past, striving to forget it all; now I see there is beauty in remembering it. I used to think freedom was found in having power to break the chains; but now I realize it’s much easier to surrender and simply ask Jesus for the keys to unlock them. And most importantly, I've realized without a doubt that: 


He will remain right by our side in our darkest moments.

He will help us reach our potential in this life.

He will turn victims into victors.

He will turn our ashes into beauty.

He will break our chains.

He will unlock our freedom.

He will give us victory.

If only we ASK and BELIEVE.