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 I was raised in a Christian home. No drinking / smoking/ Church 3 times a week..after hearing a sermon in hell at age 6 I decided I didn’t want to go there, and got saved. Lived my life under the assumption that I would go to heaven when I thought / teaching of daily walk/ daily surrender/ abide in Christ ..loved our at 18, went to Radiology school in Atlanta. Started experimenting w all the evils preached against in my home.
Got married @22 to someone who financially able to care for me ( was raised in a middle to low income Family) so quit work. Life was a constant party/ drinking/ drugging our every night ( he worked tons) life of the party and everyone’s free ride. Tons of drugs / grew pot in the basement in the 80s.., but sometimes wondered if this all there is?? Would I go to heaven if I died?? As I had left behind all childhood spiritual training. 8 yrs into the marriage and 2 boys .., I realized ( w intervention by 2 Jewish men) I was an alcoholic/ drug addict.. my life was a wreck and my marriage falling apart. I didn’t know where to turn .. but I got down on my knees and cried out to God “HELP ME IM AN ALCOHOLIC “ ... it was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders, when I cried out to Him..,I started going to AA meetings ..they advised me to get in my knees every morning and ask Gods help to do for me what I could not do for myself.. don’t drink and drug..that was 31 years ago..,life got worse but I got better., my marriage ended.,bad relationship choices followed. But I remained sober/ clean... today I have been married 29 yrs to someone I met in AA .. we have 2 more adult children who have never seen either one of us take a drink. All 4 adult children walking w the Lord now.,my husband and I active in our local church.. we still attend AA meetings.. I volunteer at a women’s recovery home once a week, leading bible study there., I volunteer at a thrift store run by local church, and do lay counseling..I have just become a Chaplain for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team.. I am a volunteer w Samaritans Purse. And help on rebuild projects when available.. God has brought beauty from my self destructive lifestyle I choose for myself for 10 yrs.,today I choose Christ ., His ways.. His plans .. His Lordship.. He is Holy .. He is just.. He alone is good..