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 Everyone experiences unplanned things in life, some of which can be life-altering. For me, I never considered that I would need to find the strength to overcome what is now one of my life’s greatest challenges. I thought I had my path all figured out; get married, get pregnant and have a baby. Instead, I was faced with unexplained infertility. And, after years of struggle, I finally have strength to truly embrace the impact infertility is having on my life.

In the beginning, it felt like an isolating topic with limited resources. Only a few in my close circles were aware of my situation until six months ago when I felt God nudging me to share our story. That nudge, guided me to officially launch a blog called “Living in the Wait”. My short experience blogging has allowed me to embrace everything I was keeping inside. But a higher purpose for my blog, is to provide even a small bit of hope, encouragement, peace, resources and support to others experiencing difficulty conceiving.